75% Washed White Goose Down PRD-DF21002



1) A large selection of down and feathers from well-grown goose and ducks

2) Effected with a series of sophisticated processing, such as washing, fat-removing, sterilizing

3) Pure nature, high filling power, good thermal insulation and high cleanness and hypo-allergy

4) Economical quality, middle quality or luxurious quality for your choices

5)With our world-class 2 level feather & down assorting machines, washing  machines. We are able to produce 1500 Tons of high quality–down and 2,500 Tons of feather.

The following fill powers are available in White and Grey Duck Downs /Goose Down:

· 500 Fill Power Duck/Goose Down

· 550 Fill Power Duck/Goose Down

· 600 Fill Power Duck/Goose Down

· 650 Fill Power Duck/Goose Down

· 700 Fill Power Duck/Goose Down

· 750 Fill Power Duck/Goose Down

· 800 Fill Power Duck/Goose Down

Our Advantages:

1, .We own a testing laboratory with professional assistant, We can test down & feather according to different standards (US ,European, Japanese, Canada, Korean).

2, We have a range of down/feather fillings to meet each customers market demand

3, All of our down/feather suppliers are RDS certified, ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm.


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